Sunday, January 6, 2008

Have we missed you?

Please leave the details of your blog in the comments section if you consider you meet our definition. We will put you on the watch list as soon as possible and cover you in the next survey.

Kia ora


Quieter Please ! said...

PC said...

Good effort, guys.

You should probably include Lindsay Perigo's SOLO in your rankings, probably defining it as a libertarian group blog.

There are posters there from around the world, but more than half would be NZers, which would be a similar situation with the traffic.

Average daily unique visits = 850

Alexa international traffic rank: 259,702

Technorati authority = 48

Average posts per week = 30

PS: And you might like to reconsider 'Not PC' as "right." "Libertarian" would be more accurate. Cheers, PC.

Tim Selwyn said...

Peter: I will reconsider. But the weight of convention is against you. The list can't be too out of step with common understandings (even if they are not always accurate!) or else it may not be as useful as it could be.

As regards Solo Passion, the discussion about it is in the main rankings post commentary. My unnecessarily inflammatory characterisation of Perigo's website aside, the fact that just under half may be from overseas lessens rather than strengthens the case for its inclusion.... but I'm always open to be persuaded otherwise.

Jimmy Jangles said...


I'd be pleased if you would consider my blog for your list. At times its kiwicentric esp about cricket, sport with a bit of shortland street thrown in and the odd bitch at unions.



Oliver Woods said...

Hi Tim,

I am Oliver from Quest Security. Would it be possible for you to put my political inclinations as Left - Independent ?


Robyn said...

What an interesting idea!

You should totally add my blog. (It's older than the word 'blog'.)


Tim B said...

Tim Selwyn said...

Jimmy: I'm beginning to think that if people regard the cultural content as an important part of public discourse then I may have to re-evaluate some of my line calls... perhaps. Added to watch list.

Oliver: Correction done. Thanks. "Independent" - I like that label.

Robyn: You are a trailblazer. Added to watch list.

Tim B: Thanks... comrade. Added to watch list.

Jimmy Jangles said...

Chur. I tend easily to the right side of the economic spectrum.

NewZblog said...

Kia ora,
Update the NewZblog info.

Redbus : Left - Labour : NZ
illuminatedtiger : Left - ? : Christchurch
hcjs : Left - Labour : Masterton
Policy Parrot : Left - Labour : Christchurch
Robinsod : Left - ? : NZ

Tim Selwyn said...

Thanks, newsblog - details amended.

Geoff Hayward said...

Tim Selwyn said...

Thanks Geoff - I hadn't noticed you'd resumed blogging. I haven't listed blogs that haven't posted for 3 months or more - thus your exclusion. Have added you to the watch list.

Anonymous said... should be on your watch list also

travellerev said...

Hi Tim,

I maintain three blogs: This blog is about international finance and how it connects to Aotearoa and more specifically about how it connects to John Key and National. This blog is a full on 9/11 events and war policies of the US blog.
I also maintain the blog called which is about kiwis against seabed mining but I don't post as frequent as I should.
Here are two samples of articles I wrote and
I would like to be added to the kiwi blogosphere.

Tim Selwyn said...

Sounds interesting - I've almost finished the January survey, so I'll get on to it next week. You'll be the first on the new watchlist.

travellerv said...


Tim Selwyn said...

I'll put on Aotearoa a Wider Perspective, but the US one doesn't meet the "re:nz" criteria, and the KASM one will be defunct by my definition tomorrow, so until something's posted there I'll hang fire on that one. - thanks, travellerv.

travellerev said...

I can live with that, I link through to the crayrichguy and KASM on my Aotearoa blog anyway.
Could you please set my political preference to "other". I feel that the whole left/right thing is obsolete and I link quit frequently to articles written by people who are considered conservative. If they have something to say that makes sense I have no problem with that. Finance wisdom and 911truth seem to come from both ends of the political spectrum.

IrishBill said...

Hi, A couple of things. Firstly, the stats posted are seriously out of whack with out server stats. I suspect this is because the Alexa toolbar is simply not used by most people.

Secondly, could you stop listing me as "Labour"? I'm not even a Labour voter. I suspect Tane would feel the same about this one.

Tim Selwyn said...

Will make the adjustments. I'll put you and Tane down as "unionist" if that's OK?

And re: Alexa - if you want to put up a meter that I can check that would be the best way.

IrishBill said...

I'd prefer Green if we're talking voting habits or left libertarian if we're talking political identity. I am however a union member but have concerns that go a lot further than just labour issues.

I'll have a chat with the rest of the crew about a site meter (I've always thought they were a bit tacky).

Anonymous said...

Another blog to take a look at

Tim Selwyn said...

Took a look, looks OK - Stanselen added to Watchlist.

Stephen Franks said...


You might without fear of contradiction identify me as National. I have not renewed my ACT membership since 2005.

Stephen Franks

scrubone said...

I think Save the Humans should be here somewhere - it's a fine blog.

misogynistprick said...

Have you checked out this blog Tim? It's awesome and should definately be included in your survey:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Motueka News Online said...

Visit the new look Motueka News Online blog at

Leftist/feminist opinion and news on local and national issues.

(Replaces the now-defunct Motueka News Freestyle)